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CNN Interview

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Something of interest…

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Please check out a video-interview with me on Itricks is always a lot of fun to work with.

I also appear on The Magic News Wire’s podcase, where Dodd Vickers does a thorough job interviewing me about my career in magic and my new book.

MAGIC, The Book

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Those who follow my work know that writing is my other passion. And a little under two years ago, I was given an incredible opportunity and an important responsibility. Workman Publishing (A Thousand Places to See Before You Die, What to Expect When You’re Expecting) approached me about a category-killer magic book.

I didn’t know what “category-killer” meant until I asked the folks at Workman. It’s a phrase coined by this company, and it’s a beautiful approach to business. When they release a title, they don’t only want it to be the best, but they want it to be more comprehensive, wide-ranging, and aesthetically beautiful than anything that has come before it. They want to produce books that will appeal for decades, and they want the consumer’s decision to be easy. When a category-killer is on the shelf next to its competitors, it has to stand out in every aspect. 

That’s a lot of pressure. MAGIC took round-the-clock work for over a year to write, and even more time during the editing phase. We shot over a thousand color photos and a two-hour DVD. And it hits bookstores this month.

The book is the beginner’s guide I wish I could have read. There’s an enormous difference between telling how a trick is done and teaching someone how to do a trick. Each of the 100 effects detailed in MAGIC is given ample space and photographs. The presentation, misdirection, and technique are all explained in great detail, alongside tidbits of magic theory and history: magic in the workplace, magic for teachers, impromptu magic, dinner table mysteries, and magic for children. Best of all, every book includes a DVD of me performing the effects all over New York City. 

I poured my heart into the book and I’m pleased with the results. If you or someone you know has an interest in magic, I feel certain they will enjoy this book. 

For more information on MAGIC, click HERE.

And look out, because a promotional book tour is bringing me to a city near you:

Tour Dates: MAGIC, The Book Tour…Visiting a City Near You!

Tues. Oct. 28: TORONTO, ON: Lecture for Magicians

Weds. Oct. 29: TORONTO, ON: Noon book signing at Costco – Evening book signing at Pages Bookstore 

Nov. 7-9: Daytona Magic Convention

Monday, Nov. 10: NEW YORK CITY: AM media & 7:30pmET book-signing at Barnes and Noble

Tuesday, Nov. 11: WASHINGTON DC: AM media, 7:00pmET book-signing at Olsson’s

Wednesday, Nov. 12: NASHVILLE: AM media, 7:00pm evening book-signing at Davis-Kidd

Thursday, Nov. 13: ATLANTA: Lecture for Magicians

Friday, Nov. 14: ATLANTA: AM media, 6:00pmET book-signing at Borders

Sunday, Nov. 16: CHICAGO

Monday, Nov. 17: CHICAGO: AM media 

Tuesday, Nov. 18: CHICAGO: 4:00pm book-signing at The Book Stall

Wednesday, Nov. 19: MILWAUKEE: AM media, 7:00pm book-signing @ Harry Schwartz 

Thursday, Nov. 20: DETROIT: Lecture for Magicians

Friday, Nov. 21: DETROIT, 7:00pm book signing at Borders

Sunday, Nov. 23: PHILADELPHIA

Monday, Nov. 24: PHILADELPHIA: AM media, 7:00pmET book-signing at Chester County Books

Tuesday, Nov. 25: CINCINATTI: AM media, 7:00pmET book-signing at Books & Co

Friday, Nov. 28: CLEVELAND 7:00pmET book signing at Barnes & Noble

Sunday, Nov. 30: MINNEAPOLIS: Lecture for Magicians

Monday, Dec. 1: MINNEAPOLIS: AM media, evening book-signing

Tuesday, Dec. 2: KANSAS CITY:

Wednesday, Dec. 3: KANSAS CITY: AM media, evening book-signing

Sunday, Dec. 7: DENVER

Monday, Dec. 8: DENVER: AM media, evening book-signing event at Tattered Cover

Tuesday, Dec. 9: DENVER: Lecture for Magicians

Wednesday, Dec. 10: SEATTLE, AM Media, 7:00pm PT book-signing at University Book Store

Thursday, Dec. 11: TACOMA: Lecture for Magicians

Live in the UK

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So I spent all of April and May in the UK on an unbelievably intense lecture tour: over thirty lectures in as many cities. I had an absolute blast; thanks to everyone who came out to see me. And I wish to express sincere gratitude to Kerry Skorah, my agent there, for arranging everything so perfectly.

On that tour, Owen Packard (an incredibly talented former rock star turned magician…check out earthtone9) approached me about recording my current lecture and releasing it on DVD to magicians worldwide. This lecture—all about the creative process and, specifically, methods—is something I am quite proud of. And Owen and his crew followed me all over bloody England (imagine me saying that with a perfect British accent) to capture what the lecture is all about. 

The format is really fun, and you get a sense from the editing that Owen still has rock videos on the brain…always a good thing. Throughout the tour I had a diary camera, and he would text bizarre questions to me on my mobile (that’s what we Brits call a phone). Anyway, that’s how the interview segments were shot. Clever idea, Owen!

Big Blind Media is releasing the DVD soon, and I hope you enjoy it. You can purchase the DVD from me directly HERE. I am touched by all the advance praise—these guys are all heroes of mine, and that they say flattering things about my lecture is extremely gratifying:

“You will see Joshua at his very best!  A clever, likeable, and entertaining magician. The tricks are good but the lessons he teaches are even better.” 

-Bill Malone

“In an overflowing sea of magical DVDs, this one stands high above the rest because of its tremendous value, its excellent content and it’s just plain fun to watch!” 


“I’m very impressed. The tricks and explanations are good, but this DVD shows the off-camera side of Joshua that has not been captured on video before. Better than going to a lecture; it’s like spending a couple of days with him.  Bravo.” 

-John Bannon

“Joshua Jay is the complete package: original, skillful, engaging and modest. The anti-Criss Angel!” 

-Greg Wilson

“Some people perform magic and some people are magic. Very few people have both of these qualities. Josh is one of them! Brilliant stuff!” 

-Wayne Dobson

“Joshua Jay is one of the very best magicians of his generation and this DVD underlines why… along with why he really shouldn’t attempt the English accent!” 

-Jon Allen


Two Awards

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Hello! After a long, busy summer spent performing shows, doing lectures and designing products, I’m back in New York City and will be updating the site with regularity starting…now.

This is overdue, but here goes:

 I want to publicly thank PRIMIO MAGIA, a Latin American committee of magicians. I was nominated for, and then won “Best International Performance in Latin America” for my set in Lima, Peru last November. I was given an award by INKA MAGIC at that performance, and was deeply moved by the honor. Imagine my surprise, then, at being singled out and recognized for that performance at the international awards ceremony in Buenos Aires. I wasn’t able to attend the event, but my friend Gusavo Raly accepted the award on my behalf, and they aired an acceptance speech we filmed earlier (my apologies for the bad Spanish). Thanks to everyone involved; I was truly touched.

U.K. Tour

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I am both excited and apprehensive about my first U.K. tour (apprehensive only because of the length and scope of the tour…two months long). I’m particularly excited to meet all the magicians from England, Scotland, and Ireland I’ve corresponded with but never met face to face. I’m also excited to bring my latest lecture to new audiences. I hope to see many of you there!

Here is the latest roster, perfectly planned by agent Kerry Scorah. For more information about a specific lecture day and time, contact her at

Sunday 6th April – Workshop Cardiff

Monday 7th April – Lecture Cardiff

Tuesday 8th April – Lecture Bournemouth

Wednesday 9th April – Lecture Winchester

Thursday 10th April – Lecture Surrey

Friday 11th April – Lecture Bristol/Bath 

Monday 14th April – Lecture in Portsmouth

Thursday 17th April  – Budapest Hungary, Joker Magic Convention

Thursday 24th April – Workshop Wellingborough

Friday 25th April – Isle of Mann Lecture

Saturday 26th April – Isle of Mann workshop (in the morning)

Sunday 27th April – Fly back from Isle of Mann

Monday 28th April  – The Magic Circle Lecture

Tuesday 29th April – Lecture Coventry

Wednesday 30th April – Workshop in afternoon and lecture in evening Scarborough

Thursday 1st May – Hull for a lecture and a workshop.

Friday 2nd May – Ireland Convention

Tuesday 6th May – Fly back from Ireland

Wednesday 7th May – Lecture Wolverhampton

Thursday 8th May – Lecture in Manchester

Friday 9th May – Lecture in Edinburgh

Saturday 10th May – Free time in Scotland

Sunday 11th May – Free time in Scotland

Monday 12th May – Lecture Chester

Tuesday 13th May – Lecture Birmingham

Wednesday 14th May – Workshop and lecture in Bolton

Thursday 15th May – Lecture London International

Friday 16th May – Lecture in LSM (held in Davenports London)

Monday 19th May – Workshop and Lecture Leicester

Tuesday 20th May – Lecture in Blackpool

Wednesday 21th May – Lecture Zodiac Club